Pursuit of happiness?

Where do you get your strength? Where do you find happiness? Does happiness just seem to find you? Does your happiness come from money? From your job? Family? Wife / girlfriend? The home you own? The car you drive? From food? Maybe from alcohol or drugs? Or from a prescription bottle specifically designed to help make happiness? Maybe your happiness comes from your diet or your weight? From your accomplishments? Or from your friends? Are you happy when the sun shines or when you have a day off to yourself? Or do you find happiness through others, by volunteering, or through philanthropy?

Maybe you’re still trying, attempting to find happiness through all of the above at one time or another. Maybe it’s not one single thing, so you’re taking a shot at several areas where you might find happiness. Life is full of ups and downs, and I struggle to find the source. Why is it some days just feel better from the time I get out of bed, all through the work day and in to the night? Then the very next day – for some unknown reason – can feel really crappy?

I am absolutely sure that happiness comes from within – certainly not to be found looking around aimlessly. I want to find that inner switch that enables happiness to win out over sadness more often than not.