I’m Not THAT Marty Bird

Besides, he doesn’t even spell his name the same as I do. Yes, I’m referring to Marty Byrde, the fictional character in the Netflix series Ozark played by the talented Jason Bateman. Clearly, we don’t resemble one another, but I do get stopped at the credit card terminal time and time again with “Hey, do you watch that show . . . that show . . . on Netflix?” I respond with a smile, “Do you mean Ozark?” “Yes! Look everyone, it’s Marty Bird!” Joking of course, the Starbucks / Target / Panera / Chick-fil-A employee finds it hard not to express their joy and surprise that a same (similar) named person just showed up in their shop.

When this attention began 2 or 3 years ago, I had to find out if Jason Bateman’s character did spell his name the same as I do, and found no – it’s Byrde. As the show has become more popular, I get the money-laundering jokes and side-eyes from time to time. “Better check that twenty!” (As if I ever pay with cash any more.)

Since I thoroughly enjoy the Netflix series Ozark, there are times when this public recognition results in a few fun facts about the show, along with the requisite “When do you think they’ll start the next season?”, and “Wow did you see how last season ended? Sick!”

I’m OK with the attention. What I’m not OK with? My number 1 ranking for the search “Marty Bird” on Google has been replaced by this guy:

Jason Bateman - Ozark
Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix
Creator: Jessica Miglio/Netflix | Credit: Jessica Miglio/Netflix

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