Job Search Journey

With the new year now well underway, I’d like to remind my network that I remain active seeking my next career opportunity. It’s proven that the best hires are found through personal connections, so you may hold the key to helping me find a great match. I’d appreciate your help!

I am a marketing leader passionate about helping business develop and execute innovative marketing strategies designed to generate revenue, decrease costs, and fill the sales funnel.

I’m targeting small to medium-sized companies (or teams or functional areas in larger companies) in the Indianapolis area where I’d oversee the planning, development, and execution of marketing initiatives. My passion is in the marketing technology space, using appropriate software to effectively solve problems. Typical job titles may be Director of Marketing, Vice President of Marketing, or Chief Marketing Officer – depending on the company size.

I have been proactive with my network, holding informational interviews, as well as identifying target companies while receiving support and helpful advice from networking groups. I’m positive a great door will open for me soon!

How can you help? Connect me to those in your network you think I may benefit from knowing. I’d then ask them for a brief phone call or informational meeting. If you have tips that have helped – send them my way. Your assist means the world to me – thank you!

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