From The Field – Job Hunting

Some observations while out in the field hunting for my next job.

Staying Positive:

This is not how my Life Plan was supposed to turn out! I did not anticipate that I’d be out of work and hunting for a job (twice in the same year – ugg!!). I do see that’s pretty naive of me, but truly it’s not something I had pre-planned. It’s a test of my character to handle what has been presented to me, to stay positive by keeping busy, asking for and accepting help, as well as working my plan to connect to a great career role.


I can’t say enough how important my network has been, and will continue to be, for me. Making the ask for an informational interview to discuss my job search strategy has been getting easier, and I have found is especially rewarding when I’m treated with empathy and a true willingness to help.

Even with my strong network, no one is going to do this for me. I listened to Jon Gordon’s wonderful book, The Energy Bus. This provided inspiration and motivation to help me realize I am fully onboard and driving my own bus. There will be no magic to my next career position, this one is all on me. The Energy Bus teaches that you must find and communicate your own vision and drive that bus toward that vision.

Career Coaches:

The best advice I have received so far from a career coach is to turn the thought of “interviewing” into “evaluating.” This tip helps me to create equal stature and lowers barriers. I am looking for a career opportunity that makes sense for both parties, where the match is excellent and both parties benefit. I am evaluating companies, and job opportunities, to ensure a great fit.

Importance of taking some time off:

To stave off the anxiety, I have to remember to take some time off. Time to think, time to read, time to work in the garage, time to reflect, and time to look forward. And don’t feel guilty about taking this time to myself.

Discover myself:

Others see me much more clearly than I do. That makes selling myself a little tough. StrengthsFinder has helped me see that my top strengths are Discipline, Learner, Responsibility, Intellection, and Relator. Understanding how those strengths relate to a particular job, and being able to talk about it helps me greatly.


Without full support and encouragement from my wife, this experience would be horrible. She’s my true life partner and she gets me. My extended family is also supportive and helpful by understanding this is a temporary, yet delicate condition. They allow me to vent my frustrations, and I do exploit their kindness when I must.

I become frustrated that I have placed myself in this position of discomfort. I have yet to convince myself that it’ll all work out. Yet, I am assured from all external sources that I am doing all I can, and more than most do, to ensure this exercise is to have a positive outcome. I have been told this is happening for a reason, and assured good things are in my future because of me, my skills, my attitude, of who I am. I’ll keep being who I am, and trust this process is yet another part of life’s wonderful journey.

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