An Open Letter To My Future Employer

Dear Future Employer,

I’m betting you’ll get to know me for more than my past experiences and accomplishments outlined on my LinkedIn profile and resume.

You’ll soon find out my talent and desire for the process of learning feeds my curious nature. You’ll find I am disciplined, which helps me create the structure I need to work successfully. And, you’ll find my passion for strong and deep friendships makes me excellent at building and leading high-performing teams.

You’ll also find I take my work seriously, and take great responsibility for the work I do. Others seek me out when complete and accurate work is needed. And, when given time for deep and focused thinking, I’m at my best.

Is it rare that I admire and excel at creating standards and procedures and process? I also maintain a unique blend of creative, strategic, and technical abilities.

Since we both want this to be a great match, I’m a firm believer and find it critical to our success that the essence of our core values should match. Like accountability, professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and truth.

I’m excited to know that we can create something together that would not be possible individually.


Marty Bird

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