Car Cache

Haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d share the day’s activity. On late notice, a group of about 30 Audi and VW enthusiasts gathered this morning at epWerks, a local tuning shop owned by Ian Baas. Since the weather today was ghastly, we chose to stay inside and socialize, enjoying the goodies on display in the shop lobby and checking out what vehicles were in various states of undress on the shop floor.

The group then proceeded to a non-descript garage on the northwest side of Indianapolis containing a treasure trove of vehicles to drool over. I certaintly don’t know the makes / models / years of these cars, I only know they are enjoyable to look at and have many stories to tell if you could roll back the odometer like a time machine. I think I heard someone say “Is this heaven?” Yes, this place was pretty close. Great to see all the smiles and joy among those participating. All photos here.

3 thoughts on “Car Cache

  1. Marty:

    Wanting to undertake turbo back exhaust refit on 2001 Audi TT Quattro using 42 Draft Designs product. Looks like you have ‘been there, done that.’ Any advice? Ken


  2. @Ken Stone
    Hi Ken, certainly easier with a lift, but without just get the car as high as you possibly and safely can on jack stands. Hopefully you have another daily driver since I would not want to attempt in one day unless you’re highly proficient. There are some good how-to’s on the web that are found via search. Let me know if you don’t find something.


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