Furnace Fix Update – Draft Inducer Motor Replaced

As a follow up to my previous post regarding fixing my furnace, the draft inducer motor part arrived quickly, but I waited a few days since the weather was hovering around zero degrees Fahrenheit when it arrived. And, I didn’t want to risk a screw up and possibly living without heat for a night.

Since it was 55 degrees out on Saturday, I took care of the replacement. Pretty simple, the only scary part was the thought of losing one of the sheet metal screws into the depths of the furnace. Here’s a photo of the final result (note the new style cooling fan).

Draft-Inducer-Motor-New Motor-Package

4 thoughts on “Furnace Fix Update – Draft Inducer Motor Replaced

  1. Seems like it was simple enough, and don’t you love the shiny new look? Know what you mean about the idea of losing one of the sheet metal screws; I go through the same thing whenever I take the cover off our furnace (supposed to be done only by “authorized” people (I authorize myself 😉


  2. Thanks for writing this up. I was hoping that it would be possible to get a replacement motor instead of some assembly, 90% of which I don’t need.


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