A Snow Day To Celebrate

What’s the name of that phenomena that happens after you get up in the morning, start to get ready for work, then look outside and realize there is almost 10 inches of snow on the ground? Why do you suddenly get a burst of energy nothing like what occurs on a regular work day? Even though I worked most of the day today from home, I had a sense of excitement and energy due to the snow canceling a day-long routine.

Another oddity. Once I realized I would not be leaving the house for a good 8 hours (once the neighborhood was cleared) I had all kinds of cravings and worries for things I might need and did not have in the house. Coffee. Did I have enough coffee?

Late in the afternoon I did venture out and to my surprise the roads that had been cleared were actually dry in some places (the sun started shining about noon, which helped). I took the opportunity to take some photos with my phone (pardon the low quality).

3 thoughts on “A Snow Day To Celebrate

  1. I think we got as much snow as you did! Down here in “southern” Indiana, people run to the store for bread and milk whenever we hear that snow is coming:) Do you have enough coffee for tomorrow, too?


    1. The snow was a huge topic on all the local news stations. They extended their morning coverage and sent reporters out to do snow angels. Ugg. Yes, I do have enough coffee thankfully and will stop at the Buck on my way home tonight for re-stocking.


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