Movie Review: Bobby

BobbyI just finished watching the movie Bobby, delivered to me via Netflix recommendation from my parents. This is not just a movie about the assassination of U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, it’s more a movie about the lives of the many people that were affected by the event in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. A surprising array of well-known stars makes up the cast of this film and the one I had not seen in a movie before is Lindsay Lohan. I’ve only know her as a Hollywood attention-getter and party-goer but in this movie she does very well.

The movie is very entertaining and compelling in the way it weaves the lives of those involved together to form several stories. Critics gave the movie mixed reviews though I recommend it for the entertaining way it tells the story leading up to Bobby Kennedy’s death by focusing on key people affected by the assassination.

Bonus: You just might want to find out more about Bobby Kennedy after you watch this film.

One thought on “Movie Review: Bobby

  1. Glad you liked the movie! I had read that Bobby was hot-headed compared to Jack, and that as a president he would be pretty scary, but you know how that is when the pundits start publishing their opinions.


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