A Rebate For More Than Purchase Price

I just filled out and submitted at rebate form for a 4GB compact flash card I purchased. Do the math:

  • Purchase price including shipping was $69.84.
  • The rebate is $70.
  • Final price is -.16.

How does that work? Does the company “make it up in volume?” Are they trying to get rid of old stock? Is the card used or defective or “gray market?” I purchased the card since I needed more capacity in my digital camera (sample photo at right pulled from the new card – so it works fine).

All businesses need to make a profit to stay in business and while I’ll take the rebate, I don’t understand this offer.

One thought on “A Rebate For More Than Purchase Price

  1. My theory on these deals has always been that they make it up in unfulfilled rebates. Either people that buy it & neglect to take advantage of it, or rebates they reject (usually if you call after rejection they will honor it). And usually it is slightly older inventory, the last years model sort of thing.


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