Bodies The Exhibition

Bodies The ExhibitionFinally going to see Bodies The Exhibition tomorrow. While the controversy is significant, I’ll put that aside and have an open mind to enjoy exploring the human body in ways most will rarely get the opportunity to do.

This exhibit has been on tour since 2005 and I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in the Indianapolis area. The controversy likely has been good for ticket sales – I’ll find out when I step up to the ticket office for sure.

2 thoughts on “Bodies The Exhibition

  1. Can see why it’s controversial after reading the link. But the first thing this reminded me of was your grandma’s fascination with the human body, skeletons, body systems and the like. Seems to me the exhibit could be educational and creepy both at the same time. Body parts. Got to think like a scientist, or a CSI team member. Or something.


  2. Amazing. I await your reactions to the exhibition. There are obviously folks who object strenuously to the idea of preserving “unknown” cadavers, and I understand their misgivings, but my “need to know” far outweighs my doubts.


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