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I’m Not THAT Marty Bird

Besides, he doesn’t even spell his name the same as I do. Yes, I’m referring to Marty Byrde, the fictional character in the Netflix series Ozark played by the talented Jason Bateman. Clearly, we don’t resemble one another, but I do get stopped at the credit card terminal time and time again with “Hey, do … Continue reading I’m Not THAT Marty Bird

Smooth Landing at Ritron

After 8 months in transition, I landed at Ritron, a manufacturing company that helps customers solve unique communications problems through their niche radio products. The great news – this is a fantastic company for me, and I’m eternally grateful to be here. I started in May 2018, and I’m approaching the end of my first … Continue reading Smooth Landing at Ritron

Job Search Journey

With the new year now well underway, I’d like to remind my network that I remain active seeking my next career opportunity. It’s proven that the best hires are found through personal connections, so you may hold the key to helping me find a great match. I’d appreciate your help! I am a marketing leader … Continue reading Job Search Journey


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